The Garden

yellow peppers

I haven’t posted lately, as the end of the semester was a killer and was followed immediately by training for something in the fall and the start of summer school. Also, I was working on this–the garden.

I wouldn’t qualify my thumb as green. Yellow-green, maybe, or simply greenish. But I’m trying. We have a 20×20 foot plot in one of the town’s community gardens. We spent one afternoon a few weeks ago giving it a first rake-through, pulling up huge weeds. Since then, we’ve raked in 200 pounds of compost and begun planting seedlings and seeds themselves. So far, I’ve planted the peppers you see here–6 yellow peppers and one heirloom called “Fat and Sassy,” which I thought was fantastic. I’ve also added:

3 Tuscan plum tomatoes (heirlooms)
3 San Giorgino plum tomatoes (heirloom native to CT)
2 different heirloom cherry tomatoes
1 heirloom Brandywine tomato
4 eggplants

I’ve seeded:
A small row of chard
A small row of spinach (starting to come up, at least I think so!)
A small row of lettuce (it being late spring already, planting too much would be a waste, as it tends to bolt once it gets hot)
2 small rows of carrots
49 onions (I dug each one a hole, so I counted)

And two zucchini plants. I plan to add cucumbers and winter squash as well as all the herbs and marigolds I started earlier. They’re still not huge, but I’m hoping for the best.

Here are the tomatoes, in cages I scored for free from a coworker:

heirloom tomatoes

I’m a little concerned about them. They don’t seem terribly dark green to me right now, but I’m not sure they’re supposed to be that dark. One has some little spots. I think I’m probably an over-concerned tomato momma. 🙂

Any one of you have a green thumb? What are you growing right now? Those of you with longer seasons than we have in New England are probably harvesting already. Strawberry season should be here in a couple of weeks–I might take a stab at making jam again. Or I might not…


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