Yay, moved!

Dining room in progress

After a sleepless night (a ridiculous story, but I’m not bitter anymore so I’ll just let it go), Mr. Pea and I, as well as a few now-beloved friends and relatives piled what was left of our belongings into a moving truck yesterday and headed across town. All went far too smoothly until we could not get our enormous couch through the doorway. Front door, back door, didn’t matter. We almost got it stuck a third of the way into our place, a third in the hallway, and a third out the front door. My father-in-law, however, would be damned if the couch didn’t make it, and he took off doors, he took of molding, he took off chair feet, and eventually it popped through. We won’t be moving again until that couch is beyond repair. So far, we love our new place. It is unbelievably quiet here. No blaring radios, rude neighbors, screaming teenagers. I hear birds. I have a sunporch/dining room (that’s what you see above). I could take a nap, if I didn’t have to grade til my fingers bleed. I unpack just to put the grading off.

Last night one of my colleagues came over to bring us dinner. This is easily one of the kindest gestures I’ve ever heard of. She brought a salad, a baked pasta, homemade ice cream and cookies to make sandwiches, plus a bottle of wine. We were thrilled. We’ve had our fill of takeout in the last week and that meal hit the spot. I’m planning on doing some grocery shopping tomorrow (currently all we have are leftovers and liquids–beer, soda, water bottles, all purchased for our moving crew) and getting back into the kitchen. I spent a few hours this morning trying to put it together. We’ve moved from a large kitchen with lots of cabinets, most of them quite deep, into a smaller, cozier kitchen (truth be told, I wasn’t nuts over the big one) but with fewer, much narrowing cabinets. Getting all our stuff in wasn’t easy, but I did it with a cabinet to spare, for tomorrow’s purchases. We’re also going to get some propane for the grill so we’ll be back in business there. I’m hoping to make some kebabs in the near future, and I’ve been itching to have a proper steak, so I plan on splurging on a ribeye or strip steak for a grill night. I’m also curious about our ‘new’ stove. It looks to be vintage 1983, but as long as it works (and by works, I mean heats the oven evenly as well as having functional burners), I’ll be happy. It’s electric, so that’ll take some getting used to, but I’m aching to knead some bread and set it to rise, then bake it so the whole house smells delicious. Yum.


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