We pack. We move stuff. We pack more.

The last several days have been rather a whirlwind: work has been busy and somewhat stressful; my Saturdays have been absorbed by a service project; and my spare time has been spent packing. This process–we pack boxes, pack up the cars, bring stuff to our new place–has surely limited my cooking. Now that we are down to just a few pots and pans, that’s only more the case. We’ve eaten a lot of takeout, and have a few simple meals planned for the week. Nothing special–a chopped salad for tonight, some Applegate Farms turkey dogs for later this week, some simple chicken and spinach and whatever’s still here for a starch; and a simple pasta with tomatoes. If we keep it simple, we’ll keep ourselves from just ordering sandwiches every night and then needing to buy lunch the next day as a result.

Wish us luck…we’ll be ensconced in our new place on Saturday. While it’s smaller, it has a dishwasher and a garbage disposal. Hello, late twentieth century!

Only one of us is unaware of the dramatic changes to come….

Sleepy Kitty


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