Growing cultures, deliberately and on accident

Today I set about making my own yogurt. Mr. Pea seems to think I’ve fallen over the deep end and insists I need a catch phrase like “I can do that!” but said like Urkel. The process isn’t hard–heat up milk to 195, cool down to 110, add starter yogurt, mix, incubate. Currently we are in the incubate phase. I’m not sure how well it’s going as after I poured my yogurt into jars (I’m incubating in our little cooler, and the big pot wouldn’t fit), lots of tiny bits of starter yogurt were floating at the very bottom of my pot. So we shall see. Hopefully it’ll set up, maybe just need a little draining, and then I can stir in some strawberry ‘jam’ and be on my merry way.

On the other hand, we accidentally left out our parmesan cheese, wrapped in plastic wrap, on the table in our rather warm dining room overnight and well into today. It was kind of sweaty and gross, so we tossed it. This is rather sad, as it’s a pretty new block of cheese and I hate throwing away food. At the same time, it was a pretty new block of cheap Argentinian parmesan, which we both agreed was rather bland, so it gives us an excuse to get some of the real deal sooner than planned.

We are going out to eat in a few hours. We made it through nearly an entire week of no take-out/eat out. We were doing this for budget rather than health concerns, so when we ‘cheated’ and went out on Wednesday night for pizza but didn’t have to pay for it, it didn’t count as veering out of our plan. Technically we should wait until after 7p today to make it through the solid week, but one of my colleagues wants us to meet up for beer and pizza at five, and frankly, we’re ready.


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  1. It really doesn’t take that much active time–twenty minutes? Then you just leave it alone! So far, I’ve tasted it today, and I’ve had no problems thus far with it staying down. The mister refuses to try it until it’s clear that there are no risks of food poisoning. I think I tried it 3 hours ago and have been fine, so I’m excited.

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