And it begins.

I packed the first box today. We signed a lease on a new place last weekend and we can begin to move in May 1. I want to be totally in by May 10, even though our lease at our current place doesn’t expire until May 31. If we’re paying for both, I’d rather be in the quieter new one. So I have packed the first box. 45 more to go.

Last night our neighbors were kind enough–again!–to remind us why we are going. Our upstairs neighbor, with whom we had a minor tiff, has been great ever since he yelled at me. Our next door neighbors have been the real issue. Last night they had a little get-together starting at 11. Cars drove down the driveway–next to our bedroom windows–dropping people off, parking, leading to lots of chatting. I was in bed at this point, trying to catch up on some sleep. Ha! Beginning at 2 am people began to leave. One person left pretty much on the hour until 5 am. We woke up for every single one, as they’d have a nice chat before getting into their cars. Plus someone’s alarm went off. One girl at 4 began shouting. Awesome!!! It would be much worse if we just signed a lease to stay, rather than to go.

And so I pack. Happily, this time.


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