Today I got up early (waaay early–cat’s fault) and eventually moseyed my way out the door to join the line forming at Westmoor Park to get our garden spot. The pickings were getting slim, but I got us a 20 x 20 foot space in the community garden. It’s at a corner–this has its pros and cons (easy to reach with hose; easy for others to trample with hoses) and might get a little shade, but I’m excited. I felt like I was investing myself in the community, trying to become a part of something I kind of resisted for a long while. There was about 15 people in line when I got there a half-hour before the doors opened; by the time I left at 10 past 9, there were a lot of people, most of whom I suspected would end up disappointed as the spaces disappeared. But oh boy! Now I can get a whole pile of seeds. We can’t get in until the end of next month as they clear the ground and till it, and I’ll be there at our first opportunity to start planting.

The park itself is really charming–it’s got animals, a little petting area, wide fields and woodsy hiking trails. I’m thrilled that we’ll get to spend a lot of time in the peacefulness of it.

Incidentally, in other very good news, we did some apartment hunting this past weekend and loved the first one we saw–we found out today that we got it. Hooooray! We will now have a dishwasher and non-coin-op washing machine!! Yay!


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