Name that scent!

I have a great big baking sheet that I love to use because it allows me to make more cookies at once. I made wonton skin crackers on it a month or two ago now, and I noticed that some of the crackers had a bit of a perfumey taste to them. Ew. So I washed the pan well and forgot about it. Next batch, same thing. Was it the skins? The veg oil? The pan? Who knows. I washed the pan well and forgot about it. Tonight, however, I made some oatmeal raisin cookies (I’ll tell you more about them tomorrow), and when I put the batch on that particular baking sheet in the oven, after about 6 minutes, I could actually smell that perfumey odor coming from the oven! I opened the door and could smell it pretty strongly! Then it disappeared, as though it cooked off, and the cookies from that sheet actually taste just fine. So what the hell is going on? Whatever was on there a month ago should have washed off by now; no other time I’ve used the oven have I smelled that, so it must be the cookie sheet. I sniffed a bunch of the cookies to make sure none of them had that perfume scent clinging to them. Perhaps when we use our handsoap in the sink, it clung to the bottom of the pan–that doesn’t get washed nearly as carefully as the top–and it cooked off, but left the cookies alone. That’s all I can figure. Your thoughts?

In other news, it does look like we are moving. I am excited about this and dreading it all at once. Somehow I slept through last night’s chaos which Mr. Pea reported involved two cars, one sounding like it hit the house next door. Sweeeeet. I won’t miss that at all. But packing? And lifting stuff? That I am less thrilled about.

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