Doing it (all) yourself

I am on spring break this week, and while that means I have time to tackle a mountain of grading, conference prep, and college service stuff, it also means I have the time to sit and think and daydream. My daydreaming lately has been about stuff I can make. I like to make stuff. I like to make stuff that people ordinarily get at stores. I like knowing where my stuff comes from and what it’s made of; I like sticking it to ‘the man’ a very little; and I like working with my hands. I think, though, that I’m heading into over-my-head territory and too-many-projects land at a rapid pace. I spent an hour or so the other day learning about soy candles and figuring out how one would make them, specifically scented with rosemary and lavender. It’d be cheaper than buying them and I’d get to make them! with my hands! When I told Mr. Pea my thoughts, he said “Can’t you just buy them? You’re going to have an awful lot of projects soon.”

I am also thinking about getting the hard cheese making kit from so I can make our cheddar and a range of other cheeses.

I saw a post on Angry Chicken today. I want to make butter, too, but that won’t be for a while, as we have two pounds in the fridge already.

I bookmarked a link on making your own hand scrubs from olive oil and lemon and an abrasive like sugar.

I still haven’t even started making my own produce and bulk bin bags, which I mentioned a few weeks ago.

At what point do I cut it off and say, that’s it! No more projects! Is that even necessary? If you ask Mr. Pea and the tower of craft supplies in the other room, I suspect the answer is yes, eventually so. But man, I really want to get some candle-making supplies….


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