Let it begin! Er, I got a few seeds.


Today we had ourselves a nice wild goose chase looking for seeds. I was hoping to get a seed tray to get these guys started, but alas, we couldn’t find one. We started at Home Depot-no seeds, no nothin’. We got these seeds are Target, but nothing else. Alas, they’ll just have to wait.

We’re starting with just some herb seeds. Here I have cilantro, parsley, garlic chives, and sage. They’ll be interspersed with other plants in our theoretical garden, as some herbs–including basil, seeds of which I already have–have fine soil-boosting and insect-fighting properties, so long as they’re near plants they like. I worked on a draft of a garden plan today. I forgot green beans, but other than that, it looks pretty good. We’ll see how (if) it looks on paper. Wednesday is ‘get-yer-plot’ day. So we’ll know then.

In other news, we’re planning on moving. Our apartment is lovely, but the neighborhood is not. If we liked people rapping next door at 4 am, having loud cell phone conversations outside your window at 3 am, or feeling like we’re going to get mugged periodically if we walk in a particular direction down the street, we’d stay. Unfortunately, it’s not the case. So I think we’ll be going. Some of you might remember how much I hate, hate moving. But I like feeling secure more than I hate moving, so that’s the verdict. It’s a shame, but it’s the way it is. And I’m hoping for an upstairs apartment or a side-by-side duplex so the, um, vocalizations from above aren’t something we need to tolerate.

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  1. I bought much the same seeds at Target last week, but also carrots, zucchini, flat-leaf parsley, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, peppers, cantaloupe, dill, and your forgotten green beans. My first garden at this house was mildly successful last year–the squash, dill, and basil did well but the tomatoes and bell peppers never came up. I got a sum total of 10 green beans I believe. So I’m going for more of a raised bed this year–just have to get the husband out to Lowe’s to do the soil lugging for me!

  2. I’m hoping that the spot in the community garden, should we get it, will be pretty fertile from years of use and will probably just mix a couple of inches of compost in. Tomatoes are notoriously hard to grow from seed, which is why I plan on buying plants. I’m thinking about getting plants for broccoli and peppers too, if I can find them. Last year we did a tiny square foot garden that didn’t do anything. We got a couple of zucchini blossoms that stayed blossoms, then died, never pollinating; and we got all of 4 green beans. So this year I’m thinking some seeds, some plants, and crossing my fingers. Have you ever grown carrots? I’ve never grown carrots. I’m intrigued by it….you can grow colorful carrots, too–I’ve seen purple and pink ones at the farmer’s market.

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