Organic? Sustainable? Local? None of the above?

Food research makes my head spin. “Spoiled: Organic and Local is so 2008” in this month’s Mother Jones really does a job of making me confused. It discusses the limits of strict local shopping and organic growing–the harm both might ultimately do–the size of carbon footprints–and offers some options which may or may not prove more sustainable to a global world. What can the average person do? Mostly nothing, though partly greater true sustainability comes from limited meat consumption. We only eat a moderate amount of meat every week, though last night we went to a steakhouse with a coupon and gorged. I’m sure it was pumped full of antibiotics and god knows what else, too, but sometimes, one gives in. I think I know of only one restaurant that uses grassfed beef in the area, anyway.

I’m sure there was once a day not terribly long ago where the rare trip to a steakhouse–as this one was for us–wasn’t necessarily a trip to the drugstore…

I really don’t have any coherent plan for this post, I’m just musing things over…

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