Curried Pork Rice Noodles

Curried Pork Rice Noodles

These noodles hit the spot tonight, even though they were missing some key recipe components. Fresh basil, for instance, was nowhere to be found in the markets this weekend and I don’t have plants going just yet, since it’s only March. Dried basil made no impact. We only had half a pepper left in the fridge, too, and the recipe called for a red one when we only had green. This was a conscious choice, in some ways, as I came across an article on the ‘dirty dozen’ inorganic veggies, an article I’d read a while ago and kind of forgotten–conventionally grown bell peppers, particularly those imported, are often laden with pesticide residue. I went to Whole Foods for an organic pepper, and red ones were well out of budget. So green it was. At any rate, the meal was still very tasty. The original recipe is here, at Serious Eats. Don’t be put off by the fish sauce; it provides depth of flavor and would be well-balanced by fresh basil. Even without, still good.

I feel like I’m going down with one of the scourges my students have been stricken with all semester. Rats. Spring break is next week and I need it for substantial work. I’m hoping the zinc tablets I bought will work. My mom swears by them.

I’m toying with the idea of starting a new little project of a daily non-food photo. It would certainly be a way of documenting my days (not that that’s necessary), the change of seasons, things that pass by quickly. And it would keep me regularly posting. I think I’ll try a photo a day for a week and go from there. I’ll post the first one momentarily…


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