Trying new recipes

Tomorrow night I’m going to make a biryani from Mark Bittman’s vegetarian cookbook, and then I’ll be out of planned meals for the week. There have been a fair amount of repeats in the past several days–a spoon roast for a colleague and his wife, shepherd’s pie (though we hadn’t made that in forever), doctoring up some of the pasta sauce I’ve been making since a kid and which we’d frozen, and pizza. So next week has to be full of some new flavors. I’m not complaining, just feeling ambitious!

So I’m thinking about these recipes:
Perhaps this mushroom and wild rice soup, which looks divine. It requires dried porcini, though, which I haven’t found in bulk in ages. They’re so pricey. So maybe not 🙂

This Curried Pork and Noodles dish. Yes, please. I’d probably make it with half a green and half a red pepper, as that’s what I’ve got in the fridge.

Maybe some variation of this 7-Layer Tortilla Pie. We’ve got lots of dried beans good to go….

Anything you think I should add? That’s all I’ve got so far.


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