I know you don’t come here for complaining but for recipes, but people, I’m losing my cooking mojo as I lose my sleeping hours. My upstairs neighbor is making my life miserable and as such, I’m falling behind on everything and at this point am so tired I feel nauseous. So that’s all I have to report today. Meh. Wah. Ugh.


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  1. Sorry to hear that Jen. Have you tried ear plugs? I had noise townhouse neighbors and they smoked! One would have a radio on in her room all night long. It drove me insane!!

    • Ugh, that would make me insane too. I found some earplugs last night for last-resort use: I just feel that at a certain age–and paying a certain rent–one should not have to use earplugs because of neighbors! Let’s just say that between 11 and 2 there was stomping and other activities one could perform much more quietly….

  2. How is the situation? Is it getting better. Maybe you could have the manager/landlord remind him that others can hear his “activities”. I can sympathize with you!!

    • He’s been quiet (knock on wood) ever since. We wonder if it was because he was so tired that he snapped at us. We’ll see if it lasts! We’d rather not tell her all the things we’ve heard! ha!

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