Getting rid of bulk bin bags….

Since we now live in between two huge Whole Foods stores, we’ve bought a lot of stuff from the bulk bins. I love bulk bins because I can try something new without getting a ton of it. I can get 1/2 c of wheat germ for granola, as I always end up tossing out parts of the big jars of germ when they expire. Love the bins. I don’t, however, love the oodles of little green produce bags that end up in the cabinet under the sink. I like having some plastic bags under there–they’re good for tying up our soda bottles until we have enough to recycle at the store; they’re good for litter box duty. But those little ones are kind of useless. So I was thinking it’d be quick and easy to make some drawstring bags to replace them! I could even make them for produce, though I don’t know that the clerks would appreciate having to dig around for the codes for my fruit. And they wouldn’t work for really damp stuff, like the greens at the store always seem to be. Have any of you ever made your own bulk/produce bags? How would a cashier even account for the weight of your bag apart from your food inside? These are things I ponder when I should be grading…

aha! genius!


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