Food for thought: A week without food shopping

Today’s New York Times has an interesting little piece about not going food shopping for one week every so often and surviving on just what you have. I think this is an intriguing thought: the author notes that he has enough pasta to “survive a nuclear war” and that most people have plenty of food in their cupboards and freezer for a whole week of eating, if perhaps the meals are a little uninspired. This appeals to me: not that I don’t want to shop once a week, but because I try to plan meals in some cases around what we already have. I’ve mentioned this a few times to you lately. It’s both cost-effective and eliminates waste, cutting down on some of your demands on the ol’ earth. Right now, for example, I’m eating some chicken pie with biscuit topping. The only thing I bought to make this wheat flour, as we were out. I already had leftover chicken (frozen from the big bird), half a box of frozen peas, carrots, and potatoes. This guy in the Times is talking about taking this idea well beyond my comfort level, but it’s interesting, indeed. It’s a food-for-thought concept, too, for those nights when you have no initial meal plan but don’t want take-out either.

Here’s the link:


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