Very, very good granola. And thoughts on my own impatience.

Fabulous granola (thanks, molly!)

At long last, I have made some granola that is delectable and unburned. It is not as though this really was months in the making; it’s not as though I haven’t made good granola in the past. It’s just that lately I’ve noticed my patience running a little thin, and it felt like forever.

Does anyone else out there find that their patience comes in bursts? Sometimes, I feel sage and wise, blessed with the infinite ability to tolerate silliness, perceived faults in others, bad cooking experiments. Other times, I am a short fuse, frustrated with pretty much anything. Bad granola, stupid banking mistakes, republicans, decrease in blog visitors since moving here and relative silence of the usual suspects–some of these things make me angry (see: republicans), other things make me doubt myself. Why did I make this stupid banking mistake? Do my friends not find my blogging interesting anymore? I am very lame when I get like this, and then I get impatient with my own silliness in asking such questions. Seriously. Lest you think this happens all the time, it really doesn’t–it comes and goes. I suspect that lately it has a lot to do with my impatience with the weather, the perpetual grayness and the sun that looks warm but which is lying to convince me to step outside and freeze my buns off.

But I digress. You came here for granola, didn’t you? Not my crazy psychobabble.

I cannot claim any credit for this recipe–I took it from Molly’s recipe over at Mommycoddle. I love Molly’s blog. I don’t have kids or anything, but I love reading about their endless adventures in a rehabbed farmhouse in the midatlantic. I also love reading about Molly’s endless quest for patience. I think it’s partly from her that I’ve adopted a new philosophy, which is to look around at whatever is bugging me, what’s creating chaos, and find either the humor in the situation (this is good with family) or some kind of silver lining, or at least put the situation in perspective.

The recipe, she says, is initially her grandmother’s and was intended to feed a heck of a crowd. It’s here, and you really should check it out. My scaled-back version involves:
1 lb oats
rough 6-8 T: brown sugar, canola oil, honey, and wheat germ, plus about 1/2 c of shelled pistachios, chopped

Mix and bake at 225–this filled up my cookie sheet and was a good inch deep, so, tossing every 15 minutes to prevent burning, it was done in about 2.5 hours. Then, per Molly’s directions, I let it cool in the oven. This was overnight–the next morning I added about 2/3 c of dried sweetened cranberries. This stuff is heaven. Thanks for sharing, Molly. I eat a 1/2c with milk every day, as does Mr. Pea, and we’re pretty happy with the stuff.


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  1. Hey Jen, it’s Jason. I read your blog, and I always find it interesting. I’m just not a big commenter (I suppose more of a ‘lurker’ in internet-ese). Keep it coming!

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