Calmly showing the way….

This morning I was all fired up, and thought to myself, today is the day I write a ranting, politically-driven post on the blog. I’ve never done it before. Typically I just chat about food and crafts, sometimes the cat–never ever politics, and only angrily if I cut myself peeling something. But I’d been listening to the news on the way in and some people just make me reallllly annoyed.

Instead, I’m going to leave all that behind. This is not the place for that, and I might lose all five of you readers if I were to go on and on. So instead I’m pointing you to Mr. Pea’s blog, which today features a recipe. We’ve been making a lot of repeat recipes this week–some pretty standard comfort food by anyone’s definition–things like mac and cheese (I think I never posted this, now that I’m looking! Holy cow! Will fill you in later) and our favorite potato, spinach and ham casserole. When we made the latter last night we had far too many potatoes the mister had sliced with the mandolin. We stuck ’em in the fridge with the intention of a morning fry-up. But then we forgot, and Mr. Pea instead made microwave potato chips! This was a recipe that was all over the internet last year sometime that I’d always meant to try. As I mentioned it on my way out the door this morning, we were both skeptical that the microwave could produce anything crispy and delightful. We were both wrong, however! So mosey on over and take a look.


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