Eating for less: Thirty a Week

I thought I’d pass this along–Thirty a Week is the blog of a couple in Brooklyn, NY, trying to eat the majority of their meals every week on a food budget of only $30. These folks have some serious discipline, but I think most of our weeks run between $30-$40 for the two of us for 5 planned dinners and usually leftover lunches the next day. We eat in typically 6 nights a week, eating one out, and sometimes mooching off others (dinner parties, family, etc.). These guys don’t count things like toilet paper as part of their $30, so that surely helps. I spent $38 and change the other day at the market for four meals (I had to get a rain check for the chicken I’d planned to buy), but this included $5 of TP and some other incidentals.

Do you try to shop frugally? Are there some things you just *have* to have regardless of cost? For me it’s high-quality coffee, though for the sake of competition (with myself, mostly), maybe I’ll start thinking a little more cheaply there, too. I just like the idea of buying fair trade and $7 for a pound of organic, fair trade coffee at Trader Joe’s isn’t so bad. But at the rate I drink it…

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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