Darn it.

Tonight I made granola. I tried to make granola. But our oven temp is wonky, and I was adapting a recipe I’d never made before, and I forgot and added the fruit before baking rather than after, and even though it was in there for only 3/4 of the time the recipe called for, the granola over-cooked and now has a ‘browned’ smoky flavor. What a waste of 2 1/2 cups of oats and almost a cup of pecans. I also didn’t add enough honey, I don’t think, as the granola doesn’t have any crunch. Except of course for the currants, which are like tiny coals. Dammit. Tonight’s lesson: Always read the directions ALL THE WAY THROUGH. Extra bonus lesson: learn to like toasted granola, as there’s plenty of it.


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