Sweet Pea, rock star

I am a rock star (day after Christmas)

Right now, instead of working, I’m stalking copies of Guitar Hero II for my PS2. Several years ago Ben, in a fit of craziness and generosity, gave me the gaming system and i lost a whole semester to Grand Theft Auto. These days, though, I love guitar hero. Love it. Both Mr. Pea’s parents and my own gave it to me, and our friend Mark gave us a second guitar so we can play together. Last week I beat the easy level on Guitar Hero III. I’m working on medium, which is really difficult. I can’t even imagine getting anywhere in hard or expert levels, and that’s why I’m prowling ebay for deals on Guitar Hero II. It has Sweet Child o’ Mine! Yeah! And Shout at the Devil! I’m having hair band flashbacks (they seem to be everywhere these days–I asked Mr. Pea if he thought hair rock is the new ‘classic rock’), and really want to start jamming away. As you can see, I’m very fashionable when I do so.

Now you know why I haven’t posted in a couple of days. Don’t worry, I’m going to catch up.


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