Pea Soup, behind bars.

Pea soup, frozen to the freezer rack

I made Mr. Pea, appropriately, some pea soup a couple of weeks ago. I’d frozen the bone from our Christmas ham with the intention of making this, and he asked me to use his mom’s recipe. A couple weeks later, here we were, with soup. Lots and lots of soup. I hate pea soup, so it’s on him to eat it all. I ended up freezing a lot of it, using a freezer bag for some of it. I’d read in a few places that freezer bags were great for soups and sauces, as you can lie them flat in the freezer. And I did. On the rack. And there, before it froze, it molded to the rack, and then became quite solid there. Now it’s on the counter, rack included, to thaw! Whoops. Lesson learned for next time.

Mr. Pea swears this is a fantastic soup, so I’m passing on the recipe to you.

1 onion, chopped
1 pound sack whole yellow peas, or split peas, if you can’t find whole peas
ham hock/ham bone
2 quarts of water plus more for later
1 can hominy, drained

Toss onion, peas, bone, and water into a pot. Bring to a simmer and simmer for two to three hours, replenishing water as needed (at least another quart or so) until the peas have gotten mushy and whatever meat’s on the bone is pretty much falling off. Once you get to that point, add your can of hominy. It took me three stores to find that stuff. Stir in. Chop up any big pieces of meat and add back to pot. Serve hot. It’ll thicken considerably when cool but thins back out some when warmed up.

Once the bag loosens from the rack, I’m making some tomato soup for me and grilled cheese sandwiches for both of us. It’s a big day in the country with the inauguration, and though I’ve been feeling moody and mopey (I’m not sure why, but it’s just the case this week!) despite it, I’m trying to take hope in it and warm up my center with some tasty soup-and-cheese goodness.


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