I’ve been very inspired lately by the women over at the new blog, Habit.  It’s a great blog where each person posts a picture nearly every day with a brief statement about how the day went (or is going).  It always feels thoughtful and as though the day slows down just a little for them (most have young kids) and gives them a little space when they take the photos and write the posts.  I only wish I could be half as eloquent.  But I suppose this has never quite been that kind of blog.  I feel pensive sometimes, but it never quite comes out as thoughtfully here as I’d like.

neighborhood at dusk

But the other night with Mr. Pea still in California, I thought I’d take a stab at the sort of photos I like on other people’s blogs.  Shots of neighborhoods at dusk, when everything is starting to get that blue tint; cozy corners of homes, where people are clearly comfortable and happy.  So here are a few of my photos.  The first one is in the dining room–the Christmas lights that still remain, entwined around a a shelf of cookbooks.  This next one is the view out my kitchen window.

Couch corner

This is the corner of the couch, by my favorite lamp, where I spend a lot of my time.  It’s where I am right now, actually.


And this is the cat and I, about 12:30 the other night (a time I rarely see, but there was a dead car battery and some panicking and this made me very awake).  He kept kneading my sweater, standing in between myself and the computer, so I carefully opened Photobooth as best I could and snapped a couple pictures of him.  We were very cozy, indeed.


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