Project: Cat

Do not be swayed by the adorableness that is our cat, Tuesday. Tuesday and I have embarked on a project the last week which involves reforming some of his less than glamorous habits. Mr. Pea has been in California since Saturday, and while we had a houseguest for a couple of days (Tuesday does not dig houseguests), it is now just he and I and has been since Monday night. As such, we’ve been working on the project.

While Tuesday is all sweet and cute 78% of the time, in the other 22% of the time, he’s in the following position:
Tuesday wash

Licking. Washing. Endlessly.

Now I know cats love to wash themselves. I know it’s what they do for a good part of the day. But Tuesday here prefers to wash with one of us as his bathmat, right as we try to go to bed. This week I’m trying to get him to kick the habit. It’d be one thing if the baths only lasted 20 minutes before bed, but off and on for the last year or so these baths have grown so that they go on for more than an hour, and if you wiggle at some point before he’s soundly asleep at 2 am, he’ll start again. From the beginning. Yarg. He also shakes the whole bed when he really gets going.

I’d like to think he’s coming along, though. Last night I crawled into bed with a book and Tuesday hopped up on me and began to wash. When I was done reading, I informed him that he was done bathing and held his furry head still a minute. He sighed and went to sleep. And he would have stayed asleep a long time, I suspect, if I didn’t have to pry myself out from underneath him 2 hours later when I began to regret having a glass of water before bed. Once I climbed back in, though, he took a small bath, I held his head a minute, and back to sleep he went. Hmm. Maybe he’s finally learning.

Odds are, though, that since he’s a cat, he’s just being successful in training me, and I hate to think for what….


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