Food for thought: brain food

I’m not talking about fish, with its supposed brain improving power here (incidentally, I think fish is nasty. My brain still seems ok). I’m talking about what we feed our brains, and by extension, the rest of us. The other day on a website I frequent, there was an excerpt from a magazine for “intelligent” optimists, which I guess are those who are not unrealistic in their optimistic expectations. The piece was about avoiding things which cause you to create negativity in yourself. Hm, says I, this sounds like me. I am a glass-is-half-full kind of girl, but sadly, lately, more prone to anxiety from external factors. The last year has been stressful for me, and only more so for a lot of other people; as a result, I tend to ‘feed’ my mind an overdose of information (ie, news) in order to feel like I understand and can control it, and instead sometimes find myself feeling like I’m swimming in an angry choppy sea.

The piece starts by talking about Michael Pollan’s writing, which I’ve talked about here before, and the idea of avoiding ingesting artificialities in food. I started really working at that over the summer, and even weeding out chemicals from my shampoos/soaps/makeup, etc. And then it says this:

“Just as you wouldn’t mindlessly slather on toxins in your skin care or ingest nasty chemicals in your food, please be careful about what your mind ingests. Look for positive, inspiring stories…movies and music to lift your mind and heart. Take joy in the blessings of health, family and friends. And if it is getting you down, turn off the news.”

Hey, that’s nice! And it makes so much sense! It’s not a call to bury one’s head in the sand, but to moderate what one ingests in favor of maintaining balance and sanity. Not bad advice at all.

And since I had toast for breakfast and we had lunch out (more shoddy weather=cabin fever=out for burritos), that’s your food fix for the day! Food for thought, not for your face 🙂

Credit here goes to writer Mark Arsenault of Ode Magazine.

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  1. That was very unexpected but much needed since my mood has plummeted in the last hour due to an unexpected bump in my road to financial stability.

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