Perfecting a new oatmeal variation

I make oatmeal pretty regularly and the hard part of sharing it with you, besides the fact that I scarf it down before I can photograph it, is that I make it without much precision. The variation I’ve made the last couple of mornings was a Gingerbread Oatmeal. Today’s was much better than yesterday’s, but still needs some tweaking. It tastes pretty close to a gingerbread cookie. Here are the basic parameters, for one:

Measure 1/3 c quick-cooking oats, the kind you get out of the bulk bin or the Quaker Oats box. Not instant. Put in a small pan and cover with water. Toss in a handful of raisins (I have currants). Turn the burner on to medium so that the mixture begins to simmer. Add a tiny, tiny pinch of ground cloves (they’re very pungent), a slightly larger pinch of ground ginger, and a nice shake of cinnamon. Also add a shake of salt. Stir and simmer until the oats look cooked and the water is more or less absorbed, about five minutes. Then take a regular old coffee spoon and dip it into your molasses jar, lifting out enough to just barely almost fill the spoon but not quite. Stir into oatmeal. I figure you can add more if you don’t use enough initially, but you can’t work the other way, so it’s best to err on the conservative side. Test for seasoning–mine needed a tiny bit more salt. Yum!

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