Paula Deen Scares Me

Last night for one unknown reason or the other, I compelled us to watch most of Paula Deen’s Christmas Party show on the Food Network. We don’t usually watch her at all, as she’s kind of insane (interpreted by some as ‘folksy’) and her laugh gets to us after a while. And then there’s her totally whacked-out use of butter. “Just a little” is usually a whole stick. But every now and then we’ll put it on for giggles and scream with fright. Last night was no exception, as she made this:


That’s a ham covered in two cans of crescent rolls. It’s like a sandwich, without any cheese. It even has a mustard glaze in there! The best part is that she left the layer of fat that covers the ham on (naturally) so you can chew it when you bite into it, unless you peel off the crescent roll and then cut the fat off. Bleeeaaauuuhhh. That’s me trying not to hurl.

In Deen’s defense, some of the stuff she makes does look tasty, and her use of butter makes me feel better about throwing in a tablespoon or two when I cook. And she really pulled herself up from the proverbial bootstraps after going through some nasty stuff earlier in her life. But this ham really grosses me out. At least I know what *not* to make for Christmas dinner….


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  1. I acutally think that sounds pretty good. The fat will flavor the meat and there shouldn’t be a huge amount of fat left after the cooking process. I know Paula is a little out there, but I ADORE her!!!! I’d love to be in a kitchen with her and a bottle of wine any day!

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