When things get dicey…

Diced veggie rainbow

Ahh, Thanksgiving. The turkey. The pies. The family. The small kids. Their germs. The cold, three days later.

If you check out Mr. Pea’s blog, you’ll get the details: our little niece, Lucy, thinks of Ben as her personal playground. She climbs all over him, sits on him, throws herself over his legs as a weight for leglifts. This was certainly the case at Thanksgiving, when she was leaking grossly from her nose. Three days later, here we are, Mr. Pea decamped on the couch and me making soup. As he points out, being child-free, we lack the antibodies to fight these things off.

This soup was a recipe I found when googling cold-healing soups. It isn’t the most flavorful soup I’ve ever had, but it’s pretty decent and full of vitamins. First you begin by doing a lot of dicing. Chop into relatively uniform bits:
1 parsnip
1 carrot
1 potato
1 leek, white parts only

and then mince four cloves of garlic.

Add 1 1/2 T of olive oil to a soup pot. Add the diced veggies and, over medium heat, cook about five minutes, stirring occasionally.

Add 5 c of broth–we used chicken for its miraculous healing properties–scrape up the bits of stuck veggie from the bottom of the pan, and bring to a simmer, adding some salt to taste. Simmer 5 minutes.

Add 4 oz of chopped spinach–a good-sized handful–to the pot, and simmer away another five minutes.

Here it is, in its finished glory:

Cures-what-ails-you Soup

We needed to add more salt and some pepper, as the flavor was a bit flat without them, but overall it’s a good, hearty broth-based soup and delicious with some toasted cheddar bread leftover from dinner the other night (I didn’t make it, so I can’t share the recipe with you). After a week of eating out and eating insane amounts of turkey and pie, it was nice to have something light and not poultry-based. Hopefully it’ll help you if you happen to come down with a dreaded cold this winter.


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