Gift crafting

Needle roll, rolled Needle roll, open

This was my project last weekend: a needle roll for a friend of mine. As I made it I wasn’t sure if she knitted, so I’m only hoping she does at this point. Maybe she crochets. I know she rug-hooks. She’s a hooker. But in a worst-case scenario she could always just use it for pencils.

I made the roll out of my own imagination, not following any pattern.

I cut an 18.5 x 14.5 inch rectangle out of the printed fabric (like the measuring tapes?), an orange corduroy in my scrap bin, and a thick piece of felt to give it strength and structure. Then I cut a smaller rectangle, I think it was 11 inches or so, out of the print and out of muslin, to make the pockets.

My seam allowance was about half an inch.

First I sewed the print to the muslin right sides together, along the long top seam, then pressed the seam and turned it over. I pinned the felt to the corduroy, then pinned the pocket to that, and also pinned in a long piece of folded ribbon; I probably should have basted there, but I went for broke and pinned the large piece of print to the pile, facing the pocket. I sewed along the edges, leaving about 4 inches open on the far right edge in order to turn it out. When done sewing, I clipped around the corners in order for them to turn out well, and turned the whole thing out, using a crochet hook to poke the corners until they were sharper.

I pressed the whole piece together at that point, and began to make the little pockets. These I made by topstitching, carefully, at one inch intervals. I measured the inch and would mark it with pins and carefully sew. When I was done (this part took forever), I nipped any loose threads, cut the ribbon at the fold and melted the edges so they wouldn’t fray, and there it was–needle case! It only took an afternoon, and I’d say a beginning sewer who’s pretty confident could handle it.


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