Venison? or, why I won’t be crafting today

deer-756165My big plan for today was to get a real jump on both my holiday crafting and odds-and-ends projects that are in the pipeline–fixing a loose button, sewing up draft-blocking tube for the windows, hemming some pants. But late last night (ok, 10:30, but that’s late for me), after Mr. Pea had made me a stunning dinner of pork chops from the local butcher with an orange glaze and broccoli rabe with lemon, and after I’d taught my 2-hour evening class, I got a message on my phone. Our friend, whom I shall call Mr. Shoe, had hit a deer. With his car. On the turnpike. Whoops.

Mr. Shoe was understandably shaken up, and today we’re going to go pick him up, help arrange his rental car, and get some lunch. So there isn’t actually venison to be had (though Mr. Pea can tell you all about the time his family hit a deer and the cop who stopped to help asked them if they wanted the meat, eewww), but there won’t be much crafting or cooking, either. I’ll have to give you guys an awesome weekend post to make up for my slackness….perhaps by then I can share both a recipe and a completed project. But I think we all know me well enough to guess that it’ll be one or the other, or maybe just another post about the fantasticness of Nigella Lawson…


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