I pine for enamelware


Over the years, many very kind people have given me a range of remarkable kitchen gadgets. I am a known kitchen gadget afficianado. I have two drawers and two jars full of such things, so I have a lot more stuff than I can ever possible use or need. I also have a decent collection of pans, including a poor old cast iron pan that needs some serious re-seasoning. One piece of kitchenware I’d love to get my hands on is a cast iron enamel-coated pot. I have a dutch oven–a solid piece of revere wear–but the enamels pots are so….pretty. Le Creuset makes the standard of enamel pots, pots you can buy when you’re 20 (or 30, but who’s counting?) and keep until you’re 85. And then pass it down. But they are very, very expensive. A year or two ago Martha Stewart began a line of kitchen stuff at Macy’s, and among the insane number of pieces were a couple of enamel pots. The bigger one was a 6 quart, ideal for pots of stew, or the original no-knead bread, except that the pesky handle on the lid can’t go in a 500 degree oven without melting. I like the aqua blue color it comes in, too. As much as I can envision one lazily stewing on my stovetop, it’s probably going to have to remain a vision for a while….at least until I can get my hands on a Le Creuset!


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  1. I LOVE my Le Creuset! The Wrentham Outlets has them for discounted prices, albeit most likely still on the expensive side. I am a bit of a snob and wouldn’t buy anything Martha makes, but if you must, you must!

  2. Oh my. How are you a snob against Martha, exactly? Or, rather, why? Just curious. We can fight it out over Christmas, when you will be gifting me with your nice, broken-in Le Creuset 🙂

  3. We got our Le Creuset stuff at the outlets or we’ll ask for a piece for christmas from my mom each year. We didn’t ask for anything this year, but last year we got those french onion soup bowls.

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