Speaking of Cookies…have a favorite?

After that last post, I find I’m thinking about Christmas cookies. I like traditional sugar cookies, but hate the effort involved (mix, chill, roll, cut, roll, cut, decorate, blah blah blah). I like spritz cookies mainly for nostalgic reasons. I love any kind of spice cookie–molasses cookies, gingersnaps, gingerbread people, you name it. Those are my favorites. The last few holidays we’ve also made some pistachio-white chocolate-cranberry biscotti, which are both seasonally pretty but also ridiculously yummy, and rugelach, with its tender butter-cream cheese dough and raspberry-cinnamon filling. This year I think I’ll try this recipe for pumpkin biscotti, as well, and see if it’s a good addition to my holiday repetoire.

Do you have a favorite holiday cookie? Something you’ve loved since childhood or something you’ve only made up recently? I’d love to hear them, and try them out myself. There’s nothing like a houseful of cookies from November until January!


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