Spoon Roast

Sirloin Roast

Mr. Pea picked up a spoon roast for us from the local butcher this week for Sunday dinner with my folks. We had no idea what a spoon roast was, but a little googling revealed that it’s a marketing term more than an actual cut of meat. The idea is that it becomes so tender you could eat it with a spoon. Technically, it’s a sirloin roast. Either way, it was delicious.

I’m not a huge fan of pot roast, far preferring oven-roast beef to the stewy, flaking apart crock pot variety. The spoon roast held up to its billing–it was tender and delicious without having to spend hours in the crock pot. Cooking it, however, wasn’t easy: the recipes I saw and followed had cooking times that left my roast still very rare, beyond a safety point. It took an extra half-hour or so, but upon thinking more closely about it, it occurred to me that putting the roast, as I did, in a shallow dish, probably was responsible for this–if I’d put it in a dutch oven, perhaps it would have been encircled by more heat and thus cooked more quickly.

We had a 2-pound roast. It comes with a cap of fat tied to it. I began by mixing together salt, pepper, and thyme so that I ended up with a tablespoon or two. After slicing up three cloves of garlic and sticking them under the fat cap and beneath the roast itself, I rubbed the seasoning mix all over it. I placed it in a shallow dish and popped it in a cold oven which I cranked to 450, per one recipe’s instructions. This caused the outside to crisp up nicely. Upon reaching 450, I let it roast for ten minutes before turning the oven down to 250. In retrospect, this was too low. After 40 minutes (20 per pound) it was only about 120 degrees inside. I put it back in the oven, turned it up, and after a while, it crept to 133. I put it on the counter under a foil tent until it reached 135 for rare. Then we sliced it up.

The roast was delicious and ridiculously tender. Should you find yourself with an opportunity to try out a spoon or sirloin roast, go for it. You won’t regret it. And if you have a local butcher, try to patronize it on occasion! They’ve been a dying breed for many years now in favor of grocery store meat, but supporting a local institution promotes your local economy more than, say, Stop and Shop’s. And that’s not a bad thing.


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  1. Too funny….I just ordered one from Whole Foods and wanted to see how to cook it etc. So happy I found this site! Can anyone recommend a sauce to serve with this? Horseradish maybe?
    What DID we do before the internet?!
    Happy Holidays:)

    • Happy holidays to you, too! It is a wonder we got anything done before the web πŸ™‚ We ate our roast plain–I don’t like horseradish, and it was pretty tasty on its own. A simple pan gravy would be nice, I think.

  2. That’s funny. I just bought a ‘spoon roast’ at Whole Foods yesterday because it was on sale. Then I get it home and think what is a spoon roast. So I googled and here I am. Hope mine comes out as delicious as yours did. It’s the dinner plan for tomorrow. Thanks.

  3. I am a nurse and bought my first Spoon Roast on the recommendation from a patient. It was only $2.99/lb @ Gnazzos IGA in Plainville, CT. She said she would make it every Christmas for her family. Put it in a 400 degree oven for 20 minutes and then turn it down to 325 and cook for 20 minutes per pound. She would not season it and it turned out perfectly every time.
    I hope I can say the same. It will be our Christmas Eve dinner.

  4. I, as well, purchased one from Whole Foods because of a fantastic sale, and at home realized I had no idea what to do with it. Thanks for the tips, I’m trying to do it for New Years Eve πŸ™‚

  5. Yes, I was among the many who noticed the amazing sale at Wholefoods (I can’t remember what it was, but I think it might’ve been a full 50% off) and simply bought it on the spot and then got home and wondered, “now what do I do?”

    Thank you so much for this posting! It was very hard to find something under “spoon roast” and this helped me very much. The roast turned out PERFECTLY and everyone was saying how delicious I was (my husband brought it to work for lunch the next day and some of his co-workers tried it and asked me if I could cook it for them too!). Thanks for the help and the info on the roast!

  6. I used to make this roast years ago when I could afford it for a family of 6 now saw it on sale and forgot how I use to cook it myself I do remember a butcher telling me to cook at a high heat 400 or so but I thought was for the duration and that it didnt take long to cook. so I am trying it your way but at 350* for the duration after the high heat to sear in the juices. I know one thing let it sit and take it out at rare temp.and I use onions,carrots,celery, salt and pepper and glase lightly w/gravy master, and alittle garlic makes lovely gravy that way!

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  8. I followed this successfully for the 2nd time & this time I took and posted notes over on my blog. Love the cold start method, worked nicely. The temp I picked, 325, worked well. Topped w Horseradish Cream, nice touch.

  9. I’m a big Spoon Roast fan! It tends to be inexpensive and yet taste and chews fit for a King! I have sent some people to look at your blog as they’d never heard of a Spoon Roast and you give about the best explanation I have seen!

    • I am as we speak marinating a 6.5 lb spoon roast which.. my butcher was surprised to see me purchase.. i started with fresh thyme about 8 tablespoons 3 table spoons minced garlic 1 table spoon black pepper a 1 tablespoon of kosher salt to 5 table spoons oil..i had veg on hand and about 2tsp honey mustard..mashed this into a nice infusion, slathered every crevices of my 6.5 spoon roast and carefully under the fat cap.. wrapped my roast tightly very very tighyly and placed it in the fridge today is friday its 11:30 am it will sit till sunday morning when i remove it and set it out on the counter.. i love your recipe i will follow the cold oven method now ..to wait patiently till sunday ..im thinking i wont be able to .

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  11. I had never heard of this roast when I bought it. Thanks for the info! I had a 3.94 lb roast. I put oil salt pepper rosemary and rings of onion on the roast. Put it in cold oven, then set to 450 for half hour total…..turned to 325 and never touched it for the remaining 70 minutes. Tented it with foil for 15 minutes. This was the first perfect roast I have ever made! All the way to the center was deep rich pink/red. Thank you for the tips. Now I’m not scared to make for company! Yay

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