I (sometimes) want to be Nigella Larson

On Saturday morning I woke up early (the usual for me, I’m afraid) and decided I felt like vegging in front of the TV. As there weren’t any interesting cartoons on yet, I found myself eagerly watching a rerun of Nigella Larson’s Nigella Feasts. It was an episode based on chocolate. Yum.

In case you don’t know, Nigella Larson is a British food/TV personality. She’s had a number of cooking shows over the years and also writes extensively, both recipes and in more of a food-column style. What I like about her is that she’s not afraid to be what she is. She’s utterly gorgeous, but has come under fire now and again for her weight. She’s just a tiny bit plump, and I myself prefer a person to have a little meat on their bones. Who can trust a skinny chef, anyway?

The chocolate episode features a cake and a cheesecake and ends with Nigella, wrapped up in a lovely silky robe, making herself some hot chocolate before bed. Course, unlike me who gets her hot chocolate out of a packet, she’s got a pot on the stove, some shredded high-end bittersweet, and a pile of sugar. Then she takes her cocoa to bed where she sits under the covers with a stack of books. I want to be that Nigella. I also want her kitchen, which is stunning, in my fantasy apartment. Here’s the only photo I can find of it that’s not all blurry:

Oooh, purty.

Her website sells oodles of stuff that appears now in that kitchen–the measuring cups, spoons, and so forth, as well as her books. She’s got a bit of a cooking empire now, I suppose, and one I’d like to slowly move into my own house!

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