Another funky pizza–sweet potato, gorgonzola, and spinach

Sweet Potato and Spinach Pizza

Those of you who have read this blog a while know of our love here at the homestead of unusual pizzas. The other night we tried one that sounded good in my head but didn’t work out so well. I took a dough ball out of the freezer and thawed it (you can freeze pizza dough after its first rise) out, smushing it down onto a greased cookie sheet. Then I nuked a sweet potato and carefully, only burning one finger, smushed its guts out all over the dough. I sprinkled a little olive oil on there. I took a handful of spinach, cooked it quickly, gave it a chop, and sprinkled it on. I added some salt and pepper, a cup of so of grated mozzarella, and the point of contention–a nice, even sprinkle of gorgonzola cheese. It was a stunning-looking pizza after 12 minutes in a 425 degree oven, but was somewhat lacking. Mr. Pea wasn’t crazy over the combination of the pungent cheese (too much?) with the sweet potato (overcooked). But it was a decent base pizza, and maybe I’ll rework it again sometime.


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