Yee Haw!

Cowgirl Quilt

I thought it was high time for a crafty post over here. I’ve gotten a lot more crafting in since the move, in large part because I’ve discovered the Gilmore Girls. I never watched it when it was on TV, but caught enough occasional snippets that made me think I’d really enjoy it if I had. Arriving in the new state, our local library has the first two seasons on DVD. Much better than jamming our netflix queue with them, I’ve been taking them out for a couple of weeks at a time. I’m almost through season 1. At any rate, I like to do something with my hands while watching TV, and cutting and doing hand-sewing works for me. I don’t knit–I was taught by my grandma years ago but have rather forgotten–so this has to do for now.

One of my most recent crafty projects is this small quilt. It’s about 4 or so feet long and a bit narrower across. It’s made from stash bits–half a yard or so of Alexander Henry’s Buckarettes (cowgirls), and equal parts from Jen Paganelli’s Sisboom basics. It’s bound with strips of blue corduroy, which give it a nice, rustic trim. I even had leftover batting, so the whole thing cost me nothing!

Instead of actually quilting the layers together, I cheated and knotted them at each corner between squares. I used alternating shades of embroidery floss for that. It was really very easy and the whole thing came together in a couple of weeks of on-and-off work. Since it’s for my 2-year-old niece, I don’t think she’ll fuss too much about the quilt-versus-knot option; I only hope she likes it, since right now she’s into stuff like Dora the Explorer. But if she takes after my genes in the slightest, she’ll someday have a horse phase, and then it will be perfect.

So what do you think of my first pass at quilting? I think it’s cute, and hopefully only I can see the places where it’s less than perfect 🙂

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