Mr. Pea does the cookin’, and thoughts on pantry staples

More pantry staples

I am a very lucky kid. Mr. Pea has begun to shoulder a fair amount of the cooking here as I started my new job this week; he even did so while sick with a cold. He’s a heck of a guy. He made us some shepherd’s pie the other night, and we worked together on a simple pasta with pesto and sauteed chicken last night. He’s become a much better cook than when we first moved in together many years ago. I have too, for that matter–it used to be lots of jarred this and boxed that, but not so much anymore.

This week we’ve begun to run out of pantry staples. Running out of those–especially all at once–drives me nuts. It feels so expensive to replace everything! We needed sugar, olive oil, and both plain and wheat flour this week! So far we’ve grabbed two of the four, but we are now down to our last slice of bread and no flour in sight. It’ll just have to wait.

This makes me curious–what do you keep as pantry staples? Ours are pretty plain–the above, plus lots of dried spices (I’ve been the lucky recipient of a Penzey’s gift box and now live near one of their shops), lots of dried pasta, various dried beans/legumes, and usually a can or two of tomatoes. There are also plenty of vinegars and extracts, and baking supplies such as baking powder and soda. I like to have enough stuff to toss together last-minute meals, plus bake whenever the mood strikes me. That said I always feel like I’m running out for something–chocolate chips, for example, or a can of pumpkin. What about you? What do you keep around?


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