I broke one.


And it makes me a little sad. I love my cherry glasses, or what remains of them. Same way I have loved many of the other ones that are now departed.

I broke it not because it slipped in my fingers while I washed it–that’s happened before. Um, no, this one broke because I think I’m tall. Or so Mr. Pea tells me. I am not tall. For those of you who haven’t met me, which is most of you, I’m just a hair under 5′. An the cabinet I was reaching was well over 5′. I wanted the old bottle of soy sauce, see, and it was behind a bunch of stuff. So I reached over the dishrack and…….

well, I didn’t get the soy sauce, and Madam Cherry here fell into the sink and shattered. It went to the glasses graveyard with so many others we’ve had over the years.

And Mr. Pea told me I have a stool for reaching things like the old bottle of soy sauce, and should use it. I also have a stool next to our tub–it’s a clawfoot number that’s kind of hard to climb over. Now you have embarrassing details about me and my smallness.

I plan on scouring ebay regularly for a replacement, though it looks like I might have to buy several, rather than one; I guess that will provide a nice buffer for the sad results of my overreaching.


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  1. Hi I just found your site and your recipes look amazing as well as your kitchen so cute.
    I feel bad about your glass ,I feel very attached to my coffee mugs.
    You might also try etsy.com a cute site and they have .I look forward to your recipes and stories.


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