Tasty Quiche.

Spinach Quiche

Hi! For whatever few readers may be left here (you all likely have abandonment issues, I’m very bad about leaving for long periods of time), I’m finally back and I swear I’m going to post regularly again. The move to a new state was rough, and settling in, well, goes. Sure we’re unpacked, but it just doesn’t feel like it fits so far. Hopefully it will, but after six years in our old place, well, it’s just hard.

So anyway, dear Mr. Pea and I have been balancing eating out (known as “reconnaissance missions” to get to know our new area) and eating in. Mr. Pea is a saint–he came with me, knowing he’d have to find a new job. He uses some of this downtime to write his own blog–you should check it out! It’s called Observations of a Trailing Spouse and it’s full of quirky things he’s either noticed here in town or elsewhere.At any rate, we cook together a lot more now and just the other night we made quiche. We’re not huge quiche eaters but this one totally hit the spot. It’s a spinach quiche with bacon, onions, and cheeses.I started by making the crust. It’s a butter crust, taken from the Land O’ Lakes website. But you can use any old pie crust you like.Heat the oven to 450. Cover crust with a double-layer of foil and bake 8 minutes. Remove foil, bake 4 more.

The filling begins with chopping a half cup of onion and five or six slices of bacon. Toss the bacon into a skillet over med-high heat and add the onion after a minute or so. Cook until onion is soft and bacon is a little crispy, five or six minutes. Remove with a slotted spoon to a plate.

As I did that, Mr. Pea whisked together 5 whole, large eggs and 1 cup of milk. To that he added salt, pepper, and about 1/4 t of nutmeg. I grated in about a 1″ cube of mozzarella and 1/2 c or so of grated cheddar.

We thawed out some frozen spinach (1 ten-ounce box), drained it by wringing it in a towel, and chopped it. This, along with onions and bacon, was added to the egg mixture.Pour into crust. Turn oven down to 325 and bake for 40-50 minutes. Let rest 10 minutes before serving.


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