I made pajamas

I made pajamas

This is the first full pair of PJs I’ve ever made. They are a very belated birthday present for one of my very good friends; she’s moved recently, and while I really wanted to send her a snoopy snow cone maker for her birthday, simply for “we’re-30-let’s-get-nostalgic” reasons, these seemed much more practical and easy to shift from place to place. What do you think?

They weren’t terribly hard to make; the shirt’s going to be big, but that’s comfortable, I think, for pajamas. My friend lives in California, thus the shorts. Here in New England these days, even shorts are too hot to wear.

Despite the fact that I am melting away, I am going to cook dinner! I have the beans soaking, and everything else cooks in a few minutes. We’re having an old standby, curried couscous, though without the chicken.

This is likely the last craft project before we move; Mr. Pea aims to have our place cleared out of darn near everything but furniture and the cat this weekend, so that’s pretty much that. It’s ok; once we get to our new place, I’ll start assembling the quilt, which should be more than enough crafting for me.


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