Strawberry jam, I said! It’ll be fun, I said! Ha.

Not-jelling Jam

This is a photo of round two of one batch of jam. I love to can things, but jam and I are not friends.

I had some berries about to expire, so I cooked them down with sugar as instructed, and boiled them to a certain degree, and then jarred and put them in a water bath. Nothin’. So then after several days I opened them, poured the guts into a pan, and added pectin, a powder derived from apple juice that’s supposed to make this process easy, following instructions. This was Saturday. Today, still nothin’. I’ve put them in the pantry so I’ll stop peeking at them. This time I even did a gel test with a spoon and it passed and STILL no jelly. Jam. Preserves. Whatever. I’m giving it two weeks before I try one last time, following the pectin packages “didn’t set?” instructions and hoping for the best.

The ironic part of all this is that last time I tried to make strawberry jam, many years ago, it turned into a brick. Ha.

Do any of you have experience with this and can make some suggestions? It’s making me batty. It tastes so good, too, which almost makes it worse. Sigh.


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  1. I learned to make jam from my Mother -in-law and the first thing she taught me was–Never use fruit that’s on its way out. As fruit ages it looses its pectin and strawberries don’t have a lot to start with so you have to use just ripened fruit or it probably won’t set. You can try boiling it longer. I did that once on accident and had a similar experience as yours—you could have cemented bricks with that jam=)! Good luck!

  2. Thanks for passing her tip along! Once we move next week I’m giving it one more go, adding more pectin–if that doesn’t work, well, we’ll have lots of pancakes with strawberry syrup!

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