Time to craft

Tuesday quilts

The perk, as I see it, of closing down Sweet Pea is that I get some time and inspiration to craft again. I’ve decided to make a quilt, which I’ve never done before. It’s made mainly out of scraps in my bin, but also with the scraps of other crafters who were kind enough to share some posh Amy Butler stuff. Here are the pieces, as I tried to lay them out. Because I didn’t have even numbers of rectangles, it was a little willy-nilly. As you can see, I have a helper.

My rows are all set now; they’re in big pinned piles, and soon I’ll start pinning them end-to-end to sew the strips. I’m using this pattern, free from Amy Butler:

Amy Butler Quilt PDF

Wish me luck!


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  1. ooh – can’t wait to see it. i love your piece selections. good luck – i’ve always wanted to try quilting but doubt i’ll have the patience. are you handstitching or machine?

  2. In theory, machine-quilting, though we’ll see how it goes. It’s packed up now for the move, and won’t be finished until that’s over! Thanks for the complements–the front is sewn up now and I really like it, but am kind of dreading the next stage…

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