If there was ever a day that deserves takeout Thai for dinner, this one’s going in that direction.

It’s in the 90s and really humid again.  We’re not central AC people.  Hell, our house doesn’t even have insulation, never mind fancy ductwork.  It’s nearly 100 years old.  So it’s  a little toasty and not conducive to cooking.

Yesterday I lost my wallet.  I went to a friend’s dance recital at a local middle school and when we got back to his place and I went to get into my car to go home, I realized it was missing.  We drove back to the school and it was locked up tight.  I called several times there today and finally the poor (abused) administrative assistant could report that the custodian had looked and not found my wallet.  My gut says “he didn’t look hard enough!” but I’m sure he did.  There’s the chance that some nice parent or dancer or whatever picked it up and will mail it to me, but I’m not betting on that.  What would I bet with, anyway?  The real bummer is that I had CASH in there, which I very rarely carry.  $26, pooft.  Sigh.   It’s not a lot, but it was mine.  So now I am calling to not just put my cards on hold, but to cancel them and get new ones.  Then I have to get new insurance cards and god knows what else that was in there.

The bugger of all this is that I’m moving really soon and so things like my license, which I’ve ordered a duplicate of, will need to be replaced, anyway.  Life’s a hoot sometimes.  Hilarious.  It’s not that serious or anything, just annoying.  It could certainly be a heck of a lot worse, but I guess I’ll have to bring my passport to bar trivia tomorrow night 🙂


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