It seems that whenever I say to myself that I will cook every meal, for a whole five-day work week, even, I fail.  The more determined I am, the more spectacular the failure.  I think this partly stems from the fact that I love not cooking almost as much as I love to cook.  It’s also related to intersections of what we have out (thai, last saturday) and what’s left in the house (stuff to make Thai food).  I always end up feeling kind of bad–the money spent!  the environment wasted!–and then pledge to do better.

This week is not off to a good start.

Monday, I did cook.  I made thai-style pineapple fried rice.  Mr. Pea had leftovers for Tuesday lunch.  I, on the other hand, had been craving barbecue, so a friend and I went out for lunch.  I was stuffed for the rest of the day, which meant that Mr. Pea had to order take-out last night.  And because we had no food in the house and no leftovers to eat, he’s ordering take-out for lunch today.  It’s a terrible spiral!  And I feel at the center.  We ate out all weekend long, too.  It’s kind of what we do–some people go to bars, see a lot of movies, we eat out a lot.  So to that end I don’t feel so bad, sort of.  It’s rarely anything extravagant, mind you, but then I feel so useless after a weekend like that.  I did make some bread.  That’s something, anyway.

So I start again.  This week, I will cook Wednesday through Friday.  That’s a pretty small stretch of days before we meet up with friends on Saturday night for dinner.  I’ll cook Sunday, too, and then I think we’ll be back in need of a trip to the grocery store.

Does anyone else have this problem?  Or I am complaining about nothing?  I remember reading someplace not too long ago that many (most?) people eat lunch out every day.  At least we’re not that way.


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  1. I have a similar problem, basically you should write out a list of meals for the next week or so, maybe some crockpot/slow cooker meals as well, so you can make them in the morning and have them for the evening when you come back home. Also allow a few free days where you cook with the leftovers or cook meals in double and freeze one meal for weeks later. I hope these tips are some help.

  2. What’s sad is that I DO write out a list of meals; I always have a plan, it just doesn’t always work out so well! I’ve got a freezerload of split meals; for some reason, I never remember they are in there….my system clearly needs some tweaking.

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