Modified Focaccia

Focaccia, sort of

Every summer we make grilled veggie sandwiches at least a few times. Typically I buy a loaf of ciabatta to use; this time around, however, I was bound and determined to make something myself. Alas, I had very little time and ciabatta takes a couple of days to make, as you have to make a biga first, which I understand is some kind of yeasty something or other. Instead I made a quick focaccia, following this recipe:

Quick Focaccia

I made a half-batch, or one loaf, for us; I also changed up the recipe a little bit by not adding more oil to the top of the bread at the end, and skipping the rosemary. If I were making a real foccaccia, I would have added those things; but this sandwich doesn’t really need those things, and dryer bread helped soak up its juices.

The sandwich itself is pretty simple. Take various veggies–I used, this time, eggplant, zucchini, portabella, and onion–slice, toss with olive oil, salt, and pepper, and put on a medium grill, checking every few minutes and pulling veg off as they are done. Eggplant take the longest, onion the shortest. We have a grill tray that covers the wide-spaced bars, so we don’t lose anything. I also sliced up a roasted red pepper from a jar–much cheaper than buying a fresh one, in this case.

In the meantime, mix up a couple T of mayo with a couple t of lemon juice and some minced garlic. You’ll be eating this raw, so add as much or as little as you’d like. This is a basic aioli.

When veg are about done, take your focacia and slice into sandwich-appropriate size pieces. Slice these in half horizontally. On the cut side of one half of each, add a little mayo and some feta (again, to taste). Pop on the grill a minute or two (cut side up!) to warm up. Top with veg and other side of bread, and there you have it. Minimal dishes with maximum taste!


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