A Worthy Cause

Today I’m going to ask you a favor. There is a no-kill animal shelter in Tennessee called A Place to Bark that is in the running for a major grant that will allow them to build an enormous physical shelter for their gazillion animals. Bernie Berlin, who runs it, takes in all kinds of animals from area shelters that need care, that might be put down for no real reason but overcrowding, and tends to their medical needs, their physical needs, and works to get them adopted into loving homes. She’s an extraordinary woman who can handle both the joy and heartbreak that comes with a job like hers, and I only wish I could be the tiniest bit as giving of myself as she is. Anyway, she is competing against other (worthy) causes for this grant and her success depends on how many donations she gets. She needs to be in the top four, and right now she’s in spot 2 but she’s been all over the place the last few days. There’s only a day and a half left to donate, and I strongly encourage you to help A Place to Bark out.

Here’s their blog. You can click on a badge there to donate: http://aplacetobark.blogspot.com


Besides, who can say no to that face? That’s one of Bernie’s photos of the pups she helps out.


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