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antique bench

I read a lot of blogs where the writers go thrifting or yard saling and they come back with the greatest finds. This rarely happens to me, however, and I often swoon with jealousy. But today! Today was a different day! As I took my walk this morning I saw lots and lots of yard sales setting up. After I was cleaned up I drove down to check them out, and at one I found this antique piano bench. At first I thought it was a metal shelf that might be useful for storing planting supplies on the back porch, but when I got up close to it I realized it was wood, and it opened. When I opened it, I realized it was very very nice dark antique wood. Be still my beating heart. The clincher? It was only $2. That’s right. $2! Crazy! I drove my car down to the house, put it in the back, and smiled all the way home.

It’s been painted this John Deere shade of yellow, but as you can see, 20 minutes of sanding took a good deal of it off. Seeing all the yellow (lead, no doubt) paint dust on the porch, though, suggests finding a better location and a face mask for the job. But it won’t take too terribly long (ha, I say that now) and then I’ll have a lovely little bench.

Where will we put it? asked Mr. Pea. Does it matter? It was $2!

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