It’s getting a little chili around here.

Portabella Chili

Oh, how I love a good pun. Or a bad pun. Any old pun will do, really.

I am not quite as fond of chili as I am of puns. I think chili’s ok, but I’ll take an Italian-style tomato sauce OR a bean burrito any day over chili. I think I’m in the minority on this. Anyway, there is one chili recipe I am fond of. I made it last night, only I was missing a bunch of ingredients. So it was not as good as it might have been, but Mr. Pea was happy.

This chili recipe is actually a Racheal Ray recipe. I know people either love her or hate her; I find her ok. I think she’s too quirky for her own good, but if her shows/books/empire means that people actually cook their own meals, realizing how easy it can be, instead of eating out or having frozen pizza, then I think she’s doing a good job.

I’m going to just paste the link to this recipe. Racheal’s serving sizes always seem a little insane to me; we get four servings out of a half-batch of chili, and because the chili contains a bottle of beer, making a half-batch means there’s the additional bonus of getting to drink half the bottle during the cooking process. I made this at about 7:30 Thursday night so there wasn’t any time to dress it up, but normally I make some cornbread or biscuits to go along. We also use just portabella mushrooms in this recipe; Racheal’s got some combination of mushrooms, but our grocery store charges an arm and a leg for shitakes, so we just buy big ol’ portabella caps and chop ’em up.

Anyway, it’s good for football season and chilly nights. From what I heard on last night’s news, next week’s overnight temps might plummet into the 30s. This will mean our neighbor might finally shut off their AC (we’re sleeping with the window mostly closed and under a blanket, he runs his AC. I don’t get it) and it’ll be quiet, but it also means that summer is really and truly over.

Here’s the recipe!


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