Philosophical struggles

I’ve read a lot lately about eating locally, shrinking one’s ecological footprint, and knowing that much more clearly where your food comes from. I’ve been trying to buy a lot more natural foods–natural meats, for instance–lately, but I’m having a hard time with the idea of eating locally. Not the idea of it, per se, as I think it would be fantastic if I lived in a warm climate. But I don’t. I live in New England, and while I can attend the farmer’s markets from May through October or so, once that first frost hits, markets become a distant memory pretty quickly. So short of canning oodles of tomatoes in August and opening a storage area for things like potatoes so you can buy in bulk in season and save them, how can a person in a cold climate possibly eat locally all year? It’s made that much more difficult, too, being someone who rarely drives and thus can’t patronize farms and CSAs all summer long. Do any of you have suggestions? I’m interested in hearing them, though a diet of carrots and squash until spring is really unappetizing 🙂


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