On a purple theme

Purple Theme

Today I walked myself down to my exceedingly early hair appointment in our little town square, and then moseyed to our Saturday farmer’s market. It’s a really small market–there’s often just one vendor, but today there were two! Hooray! And they all had tomatoes. Hooray!

As I unloaded my purchases on the table, I realized I’d bought on a purple theme. Check it out! Two wee eggplant, a purple pepper, and a half pint of black cherry tomatoes. I have no idea what a purple pepper tastes like, so my curiousity induced me to buy that. The black cherry tomatoes were bought from a guy selling heirloom tomatoes. What was great there was that looking at his Purple Cherokees made me realize that mine–though small–were indeed ripe, and I could eat them now. I’m having one for lunch. The black cherry tomatoes are really, really ripe, so I had to eat a couple on the way home to keep them from bursting. What a shame! Oh no! What tragedy! It’s a miracle I didn’t eat them all, truth be told.

I also got a zucchini and some plum tomatoes, so it wasn’t an entirely purple day.

Oh, and in case you’re curious, I cut a looooot of hair off today. It’s going to take a little while to get used to seeing my new haircut on me, and all my ponytail ties are going back into storage.

Me before: On top of Orvieto medieval wall Me now: No hair!


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