Mediterranean Kabobs


I think we’ve turned a corner, people. I made these kabobs I think on Tuesday night, and the photos were kind of poor. Rather than blog about them on Wednesday–which I realllllly wanted to do, as these suckers were incredible–I waited until I had time to manipulate them in photoshop. That’s right. I made an effort to care about the images I toss up here.

I’ve read numerous reviews on other blogs about the wonders of the Barefoot Contessa. Oh, they’d rave, everything is so delicious! Easy! Fantastic! I made one apple cake following one of her recipes, and was completely underwhelmed. I was in no rush to try again.

Fast forward a year or so, and I was at the harvest co-op, raiding the bulk bins, and I bought far too many pine nuts for a person to consume in an average summer. They’ll be fine in the fridge, but there was no way we’d make *that* much pesto anytime soon. In my search for other things to make with pine nuts, I came across a recipe for couscous that’s made with them, and accompanying kabobs.

This stuff was to die for. I am a convert.

The kabob recipe per the Contessa called for lamb, but we’re not lamb eaters in this house. They’re too cute. So I swapped in just some london broil. I bought a thick cut, about a pound and a half, and diced it into large cubes. I also wasn’t going to open our only other bottle of red wine for 3 T for her marinade, so I just left that out. The results were still divine.

For the kabobs:
mix together:
about 1 T of minced garlic
2 t minced fresh thyme
about 1 T minced fresh rosemary (our window herb garden was handy here)
4 T olive oil
T T (to 2) red wine vinegar
sea salt and fresh pepper

1 1/2 pounds beef (or lamb), cut into 1 1/2″ cubes
1 red onion, cut into big ol’ pieces
1 pt cherry/grape tomatoes

Allow meat to marinate in mixture for several hours. Mine marinated about six.

Thread meat onto skewers, alternating with hunks of onion. Grill over med-high heat, about five to seven minutes a side, until desired doneness. While they cook, thread your tomatoes and drizzle them with some olive oil. When the meat skewers have only five minutes left, add tomatoes. They cook quickly, and turn them once.


In the meantime, I also made the couscous. I didn’t change the recipe at all, and it was really, really good. Couscous can be pretty bland sometimes, but this was tasty. You can find the recipe here, care of Borders. I used Pacific chicken broth, which has excellent flavor.

There was also a sauce that went with these that I thought was ok, but Mr. Pea loved it enough to drizzle on everything. If you want to use all your burners, go ahead, but it’s not that necessary. You can find it here, with her original lamb recipe.


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